Financial skills are important for every manager who wants to succeed. In a practical and user-friendly manner, my Finance for Non-financial managers in-house course provides a sound understanding, and refresher, of the key issues and decision areas in finance. Illustrated by practical examples of real South African companies, attendees will learn:

•               How to read and work with management accounts and financial statements

•               Key financial terms and concepts to take part in the “financial conversation”

•               How financial directors plan and set financial targets in the 4 critical areas of Profit, Asset Utilisation (vehicles, debtors, stock), Borrowing and Liquidity.

•               How to develop realistic budgets in current business conditions, and how to use budget reports for control purposes

•               How to use financial ratios and other measurement tools to evaluate financial performance and benchmark your business against best practices

•               How shareholders judge your performance and look at your business, and how shareholder value is created

•               How managers can improve the profits an underperforming department or business unit


The course extends over 2 days, starting at 8.30am and finishing around 4.30 pm each day. By attending this course, you will learn more about the financial aspects of managing your company, including ways to create shareholder value and improve the financial performance of your business. You will receive a comprehensive course workbook of notes, examples, diagrams, and case studies. The presenter slides will be e-mailed after the course.


John Stretch has presented his finance workshops for over 20 years, to organisations in retailing, logistics, banking, mining and manufacturing. He has been a guest lecturer at three South African business schools and has written three books.


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Today's professionals need to practice the habit of lifelong learning. I develop online video courses on financial topics. These courses and videos can be purchased on this website. They can also be tailored and presented in-house by request.

You can find a selection of my educational video material on my YOU TUBE CHANNEL John Stretch


 During lockdown I published three landmark books on business strategy, forecasting and corporate governance. These books are showcased on this website and and can be bought on Amazon. My writing has been published by Microsoft and in travel magazines, company newsletters and websites, local newspapers and business school journals.

The Circle is my popular monthly online magazine featuring local and foreign travel, South African stories, famous people, book reviews, and music. Articles from The Circle can be seen on my blog page, and you will find the illustrated magazine version, at stretch. 

In my professional career I have been a financial manager, a partner in an international accounting firm, a university lecturer, and an international conference speaker. You can find me on Amazon, LinkedIn, Issuu, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.