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1. The Hidden Balance Sheet

A business's true value isn't shown on a balance sheet. Your real wealth lies in your intellectual assets. This book is about managing and measuring these assets, the true sources of wealth.

The role of the CFO extends far beyond financial numbers, to providing advice and insights into managing, nurturing, protecting and growing intellectual assets. For managers, entrepreneurs and business owners, this book provides deep insight into the six forms of capital that exist in every business.

The book has four parts. The first part examines current performance measurement practices and their shortcomings.

The second explores how the fourth industrial revolution and stakeholder capitalism are influencing the way corporations are governed and regulated, and our understanding of the term “success", opening a door to integrated thinking and reporting.

The third and longest part of the book explains how organisations can strengthen their corporate governance processes, and manage and measure the six components of capital. Separate chapters are devoted to manufactured, financial, human, relationship,structural and environmental capital - what they are, how to create and manage them, grow their value and measure success.

The final part deals with implementating an intellectual capital culture and suggests a new form of integrated scorecard for measuring performance.

"The Hidden Balance Sheet" was launched in March 2020 and is available on Amazon Kindle.




Chapter 1: About measures  5

Chapter 2: Measures drive behaviour  12


Chapter 3: General Electric  17

Chapter 4: Measuring corporate responsibility  21

Part 3: The measures of capital  26

Chapter 5: Intellectual capital 26

Chapter 6: Governance and physical capital 35

Chapter 7: Human capital 41

Chapter 8: Structural capital 44

Chapter 9: Relational capital 51

Chapter 10: Natural capital 57

Part 4: Implementing KPI’s for six capitals  61

Chapter 11: Implementation  61

Chapter 12: Conclusion – the integrated entrepreneur  70

About the Author  73

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2. The Power of Foresight

 Aimed at company direcctors and CFO's, THE POWER OF FORESIGHT explores business forecasting and rolling forecasts as important management planning and control processes.  It challenges directors, managers and accountants to replace backward-looking budgets with predictive systems to strengthen corporate governance and risk management. The first part promotes environmental scanning and scenario planning as board level responsibilities, and important components of corporate governance for directors.

The second and longer section unpacks the role of the CFO and FP&A business partners in harnessing their organisation's power of anticipation, building forecast models to evaluate predictions and scenarios. It explains how to change an annualbudget into a rolling forecast and how to use forecasts as a tool for resource allocation and control.


Chapter 1:  The value of forecasts

Chapter 2: Environmental scanning, scenario planning, and uncertainty

Chapter 3:  The demise of budgets

Chapter 4: Rolling forecasts

Chapter 5: The overspent manager - a story

Chapter 6: Uncertainty in forecasts

Chapter 7: Transforming the finance function

Chapter 8: Business drivers

Chapter 9: Management accounts and rolling forecasts

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