When I first started teaching at the business school at the University of Cape Town in 1984, our tools were talk and chalk. The arrival of personal computers and Power Point changed the lives of teachers forever.

Now, the future of business education is on-line. E-learning provides a cost-effective form of financial education that you can fit into your own schedule. Research in the USA shows that online is a more effective medium than face-to-face for many professionals.

The accounting profession has always offered Continuing Professional Education (CPE) courses for members. Over the years I’ve taught some of these courses for professional bodies in five countries. The courses on this website focus on the accounting specialisation which is called FP&A - financial planning and analysis. FP&A professionals today are expected to be experts in many fields: strategy, budgeting, forecasting, performance measurement, analysis, management reporting, incentive compensation and corporate governance.

The body of knowledge is immense and ever-changing. We need to develop the habit of lifelong learning. Corporations, financial institutions and professional firms look for flexible individuals with skills and talent, rather than qualifications.You need to know when, where and how to upskill. Professionals will spend more time and money re-educating themselves, than they have in the past.

Many business schools, including South African business schools, offer online courses, some requiring weeks or months of study, and some at no charge. This website aims to provide short courses on specialised and focused topics, and to illustrate them with unique stories and parables. The courses encourage you to to engage with me via e-mail and submit case studies and projects for marking.